Time for Changes

After 20 + years I have decided to make some changes in my business. As much as I loved both sides – corporate and wedding – I had to make a choice in order to reach my 5 year goals. For two years of working with my business coach, I can clearly say now that Wedding Coaching is where I want to go.

Don’t think for a moment it was an easy decision as it was far from it.  But as I worked through everything is was the one area that kept rising to the top. So a huge thank you to all my hundreds of clients over the years that I will value knowing you and all that I learned from you. Life was always interesting and challenging.  And to all the wonderful vendors that helped me carry off some very interesting events, a great big shout out and Thank you to each and every one of you. I enjoyed every moment with you.

I am excited to be moving into the fairly new area of Wedding Coaching.  Check out my Blog in the next column over to get all my new contact information and keep up to date with where I am at. I would still love for you to follow me and keep in touch.  Here’s to the future.

From our blog...

The Party’s Over

I have good news and not-so good news. I’ll start with the not-so good (for some).

The party’s over. After 20+ years, I’m saying good-bye to my Event Planning Business.

The Good news is that I’ve revamped the Wedding Planning side of my business and have taken it world-wide…hence having to say good-bye to Perfect Parties by Nancy.

There’s only so much time in a day.

I’d love for you to stay in touch. You can do that in a number of ways and see what’s happening:

  1.  My new website is www.planitperfectly.com
  2. You can check out my FB page at Plan it Perfectly Wedding Co-ordination to get wedding tips and advice and find out what I am up to and how I can help you.
  3. Follow me on Twitter at @PlanitPerfectly; LinkedIn – Nancy Curtis
  4. Join my FB Group The Wedding Scoop

Thanks to all the great clients and vendors I have had the pleasure of working for and with over my 20+ years. You have made it a wonderful experience. Hopefully I will see you on the Wedding Coaching side of things.

PLUS check back soon to see who is taking over some of my party themes. You didn’t think I would leave you high & dry did you?